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Benefits of growing microgreens

With summer waiting around the corner, you surely try to find the next best thing to stay fit. This is where the idea of using microgreens pops up. These plants are leafy greens that can be harvested a couple of weeks after they have been planted. Different vegetables and herbs can be grown as microgreens, but some plants are more suitable for this approach than others. Being expensive to purchase, they can be planted effectively at home, in a small space and with simple equipment. They are really tasty and healthy, adding color, structure, and flavor to lots of foods. If this topic sounds interesting to you, continue reading this.

The importance of microgreens

Before you start planting and eating microgreens, it would be good to learn their benefits. Here are some of them:

  • The high concentration of vitamins and nutrients is good for your skin and helps prevent cancer.
  • The high amount of micronutrients functioning as antioxidants to minimize the toxic substances in the human body.
  • Microgreens eliminate the chances of having heart disease due to their ability to reduce lipoproteins, causing heart diseases and overweight.
  • They do not lose basic micronutrients due to the short period of time required for growing.
  • Due to the specific method of growing, they have fewer bacteria causing different diseases compared to other vegetables.
  • Thanks to a colorful surface, they are more attractive for children who want to eat them by having them on a toast or in a salad. What�s interesting is that the more colorful surface usually indicates a larger amount of useful ingredients contained.
  • Unlike many fruits and vegetables these plants can be grown all year round as they have no seasonal preference.
  • Due to the high amount of water concentrated in the plants, they are not eligible for being cooked.

Closing note

Microgreens turn out to be a great way to provide yourself with delicious vegetables throughout a year. Since they are quite affordable, you can create your own vegetable medleys. All you need is to have an exposed to the sun desk, a container, and some potting soil. Whether you like broccoli, arugula, sunflower, lettuce, mustard greens, cabbage, and cauliflower, you can have them all with relative ease. These greens, which are usually smaller, happen to be even healthier for you in the long run than their bigger counterparts.


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