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The Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board met on March 8, 2001 and reviewed proposals for research funding for the 2001 fiscal year. The Board was forced to again reduce its annual research budget due to the low production numbers and price for the calendar year 2000 crop. The Board sought to maintain as thorough a research program as possible given the budget considerations, and approved a total of $839,775 in project funding for the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture for the year. The specific projects funded and amounts approved for each follow:

Integration of Resistant Soybeans with a Biological Control Agent for Suppression of the Soybean Cyst Nematode $40,759
Evaluation and Incorporation of Varieties (Transgenic-Roundup Ready and Conventional) in Differing Arkansas Soybean Production Environments and Cropping Systems $53,000
Helping Arkansas Rice Farmers Exploit Market Opportunities by Improved Use of Soybean, Wheat, And Corn in Rice Rotations $36,726
Effects of Tillage, Row Spacing, and Genotype on Severity of Charcoal Rot in Soybean $26,160
Developing Cost Effective Weed Management Systems $90,000
Weed Interference and Weed Management $46,432
Soybean Variety Testing $12,000
Breeding Improved Varieties and Germplasm $53,000
Field Screening of New Cultivars for Performance Under High Disease Pressure from Major Diseases and Nematodes $60,000
Screening for Resistance to Phomopsis Seed Infection In Soybean Cultivars and Germplasm to Improve Seed Quality $20,000
Effect of Disease Resistant Cultivars and Fungicide Seed Treatment on Soybean Establishment and Yield $50,000
Identifying Causal Pathogens and Insect Vectors of Green Bean Syndrome in Arkansas $24,500
Improving Yield and Yield Stability for Irrigated Soybean $35,000
Soybean Drought Tolerance Research $58,000
Soybean Adaptation to Restrictive Soil Environments $25,700
Soybean Research Verification Program $93,798
Improving Technology Transfer for Profitable and Sustainable Soybean Production $66,000
Improving the Adaptation and Diversity of Arkansas Soybean $48,700
TOTAL $839,775

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