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Pros and cons of increasing men's power?

Why do men buy Viagra? It is simple: one of the most important values in the life of every man is his male power. Money, career- these benefits will not make a man happy, if he suddenly experiences failure in the sexual sphere. And what if this will occur consistently? This will make any man depressed.

Is there any magic pill to buy to solve the erection problem?

Viagra has become the real salvation for men suffering from various forms of erectile dysfunction. The popularity of the drug has led to a lot of rumors and talks around it. On the one hand, Viagra is famous for its stunning effect. On the other hand, people doubt if there are any side effects. That is why a man who wants to buy Viagra for the first time, needs to know everything about its pluses and minuses.

Why do healthy men buy Viagra?

First of all letís consider the main common reasons which can cause failure in the sexual life even if a man is healthy:

  1. fatigue,
  2. stress,
  3. bad mood,
  4. psychological problem.

"Pros" and "Cons" of Viagra purchase

If you have one of the mentioned reasons, then Viagra will definitely help you. It will be also effective in case you have any violations of vascular erectile component. How will Viagra help you in solving the problem?

Pros of taking Viagra:

  1. It will restore erectile function.
  2. It will give confidence for you not to be afraid of sudden misfire in bed.
  3. It will be a great help to the men who donít have regular sexual life.
  4. It works about four hours.
  5. The timing of the onset effect allows you to take it shortly before the alleged sexual contact.
  6. It can be taken an hour before the meeting your sexual partner and it will solve all your problems.

Is Viagra so great or it may have some unpleasant cons? Letís consider the disadvantages of the popular Viagra pill. Seriously ill person whose state of health leads to lack of potency, Viagra can be not only useful but also harmful. Moreover, any combination of Viagra with the drugs which can lower pressure, especially with nitric oxide donators, can lead to fatal consequences. Therefore, if you are going to take Viagra during the treatment with any pharmaceutical products, be sure to consult your doctor.

Cons of taking Viagra:

  1. Viagra works only when you have a natural sexual desire.
  2. It does not act as an aphrodisiac.
  3. It is not necessary to buy Viagra if you have an impaired libido - a drug canít help with this.
  4. It is more convenient to take the drug with the prolonged duration and Viagra works only for 4 hours.

How to take Viagra?

Viagra tablets are taken once a day with a glass of water. It is recommended not to consume fatty food not to extend the time of its effect. Viagra should not be combined with alcohol. Increased potency after using Viagra is guaranteed 100%. This has been verified. The drug should be prescribed by a doctor. If there are no problems with the cardiovascular system, with the liver or kidneys, blood pressure does not increase, the Viagra pills will certainly help.

How to choose the right dose of Viagra?

It is well-known that the result of any medicine depends on the chosen dose. This refers to Viagra pills too. There are the following standard dosages:

  1. 25 mg.
  2. 50 mg.
  3. 100 mg.

It doesnít mean that the larger dose you will chose, the greater satisfaction you will get. Sometimes its effect is rather unpredictable. Different people can have different results. It means that the higher dose may cause you some discomfort and vice versa, the lower dose may be not enough to work as it promises.

How to know that the dosage of the drug is enough for you?

Usually, Viagra is prescribed in the dose of 50 mg. Depending on the effect after taking it, you can adjust the dosage. There is one more approach to the dosage selection: take the lowest dosage for the first time and then increase it until you have a desired effect.

What can you expect from a long period of taking "Viagra"?

A lot of men care about how long they can take this drug without any harmful effects. This question is especially actual for healthy men who want to try the "Viagra" just to make their sexual life more colorful. To tell the truth, there is not enough information about the prolonged use of Viagra due to the fact that the product has appeared on the market relatively recently. There is no guarantee that the prolonged use of the drug for several years wonít cause any side effects.

In fact, there were a lot of clinical trials of Viagra and there were no reports about the dangerous side effects because of the long-term use of the drug. Thatís why it is prescribed both for the episodic and for the long-term treatment of the erectile dysfunction.

Should elderly people buy Viagra?

It is obvious that the main target audience of Viagra is elderly men, though the erectile dysfunction can disturb men of all ages. Is it safe to take Viagra after certain age? Yes! But the only warning: you should pay special attention to a state of your heart. As a rule, such common disease as coronary heart disease or angina pectoris can appear as a sudden pain in the heart accompanying any physical activity and sex is among them.

If you have pain in the heart during exercise, it is recommended to consult a cardiologist before you buy Viagra! In case your doctor decides that your health condition allows you to have sexual adventures with the help of these magical pills, then buy Viagra and enjoy your romantic trip!

You should be careful as during sex there is such a hard work of all systems of the human body that having a weak heart can be really dangerous for your life.

So the most important rule for the elderly men is to remember that you should see the doctor and buy Viagra only in case your healthcare specialist considers this possible and completely safe for your health.

What are possible consequences of combining Viagra and alcohol?

Everybody knows that often sex and alcohol go together. But here you should be careful as it is not recommended to take Viagra together with the alcoholic drinks or any drugs. There is no proof that such combination can lead to the fatal consequences, however, it is unknown which effect you can have as each personís organism reacts differently. It is better not to risk! Moreover, it is well-known that alcoholic drinks have negative effects on the erectile function in men. So why to take pills to improve the erection and to oppress it by drinking alcohol at the same time?

Anyway, it is up to you to decide if you need to buy Viagra but it is strongly recommended to use it if you really have the problems in the sexual sphere.


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