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Soybean Farmers Enjoy Good Year

Scientists Advance Roundup Ready Technology

From the Chairman

Gene Team Could Increase Drought Tolerance

Varieties Are Resistant to SDS and Stem Canker

Research Aims to Boost Dryland Yields

Program Helps Farmer Schedule Irrigation

Planting Date Affects Yield

Scientist Monitors Diseases

Three Varieties Are Added to Foundation Seed Program

Soybean Research Verification Program Helps Fine-Tune Production Practices

Early Planting Requires Different Practices

Food Scientists Find New Uses for Soybeans

Old Variety Has Drought Tolerance Trait

Extension Economist Estimates Farming Costs

Study Compares Liming Rates for Rates for Rice-Soybean Rotation

Soybeans Are Tasty and Nutritious

Farmers See Studies in Progress

1997 ASPB Research Funding

Soybeans Today is an annual publication of the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board.
It is prepared by the Cooperative Extension Service, University of Arkansas.
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Roger Pohlner, Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board Chairman
Dr. Milo J. Shult, Vice President for Agriculture
Dr. David Foster, Associate Vice President for Agriculture - Extension
Dr. Charles J. Scifries, Associate Vice President - Research
Bob Reynolds, Director of Communications and Marketing
Richard Maples
: Extension specialist - Agricultural Communications
Howell M. Medders
, Science Editor - Print Media, Agricultural Publication
Mary Freeman, Extension Communications Writer

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