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Recommendations on How to Take Viagra

In the treatment of erectile dysfunction, an important role is played not only by the selection of the drug, but also by the dosage. The attending physician determines what amount of medicine will be optimal, taking into account the age of the patient, the degree of impotence, the general condition of the body and other factors. Viagra is released in dosages of 25, 50 and 100 mg. Do not think that the higher the dose is, the better the effect will be. On the other hand, too little dosage can be insufficient for a full erection.

Approaches to the selection of the optimal dose can be different. Most often, the doctor acts as follows: appoints an average dosage (50 mg), and then, taking into account the efficacy and tolerability of the drug reduces or increases the dose if this is necessary. Still, it is possible to go this way: go to cheap rx online and get a minimum amount of the drug. You can always increase it gradually until there is a good therapeutic effect.

Consequences of the Prolonged Use of Viagra

Some men are concerned about the consequences of the prolonged use of Viagra can break something in the mechanisms responsible for the natural erection. Mankind knows many sad examples of how a medicine is considered absolutely harmless and is actively used, and then it turns out that it has unpleasant side effects. Viagra has undergone many clinical trials and has not yet provoked serious side effects in men.

Based on the information available today, there is no reason to fear violations in the mechanisms that provide natural erection. Now doctors prescribe Viagra both for episodic and for permanent treatment. Of course, it is important that the patient always remember about caution, in particular, observe the dosage and avoid combining the drug with alcohol and drugs. Find more detailed information on the safety and effectiveness of the long-term Viagra use here.

Can Elderly Men Take Viagra?

The problem of impotence can occur even at a fairly young age. But elderly people suffer from ED more often. Meanwhile, many men at a very mature age still want to enjoy sexual life. Viagra can be taken by elderly people who have no heart problems. If during a sexual intercourse, you feel pain in this organ, you need to be alert. The admission of Viagra in this situation must necessarily be discussed with the doctor. Before taking the drug, you should check Viagra dosing information. The specialist will evaluate your condition and determine whether it is possible to take tablets for potency and which dose will be safe for you individually.


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